About Steinbeck Country & Beyond

Sep 16th 2013

Exploring the Settings for the Stories

Developed in association with the National Steinbeck Center, Steinbeck Country & Beyond is a guide to the places that nurtured the values, informed the ideas, and set the stage for the enduring work of Nobel Prize-winning writer John Steinbeck. (To avoid repetition, throughout the app the writer is referred to simply as Steinbeck.) Each page describing a location is linked to in-app synopses of the major works in which it played a role in telling the story.

Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California in 1902. From early childhood he explored the streets and fields of the Salinas Valley and the coastline of the Monterey Peninsula absorbing impressions of the scenes, characters, and events that informed his early work. This area is now known as Steinbeck Country.

Always restless, he also traveled widely throughout his career: to Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Wherever the location, his best work celebrates ordinary people in harmony and in conflict with nature, society, and themselves.

What's new in this update? New entries include pages on Route 66 (Parts I, II, & III), and Literary Landmarks of Salinas. Many new photographs have been added, most notable is an historic image of the cabin at Cascade Lake where Steinbeck completed Cup of Gold

A note about sorting entries: To identify specific topics of interest use the app's "Filter" capability (the dialog box at top left of the screen on the opening menu page). Then, using the "Sort by" menu at the bottom, choose if you want them ordered by Name (alphabetically), Distance, Cost or Region, Finally touch the big "Apply" bar.

Please let us know if you have any changes, corrections, or additions to future revisions via the "Comments" icon at the bottom of each page on your smartphone or tablet.